1. Check out this rad little mag put together by Aidan Ryan! Got a cheeky little photo on one of the last pages! She’s a good read.

  2. Lenard Tejada - Outtake.

  3. leonkarssen:

    kingsleyattwood submitted a photo of Aidalz Rogers to me. 
    I liked it so I drew it.

    Leon came through will a sick as hell drawing of a photo I shot of Aidan Rogers!

  4. Lenard Tejada - Bs Powerslide.

  6. Luke Hodges - Wallie Boardslide.

    This dude kills it! Check his TTT here!

  7. Chase Collins - Takes out the trash with this ollie.

  8. Lenard Tejada - Wallride.

    Hyped to see this dude skating different stuff!

  9. Aidan Rogers. ???

  10. Aidalz Rogers - Pole Jam.

  11. Simon Rex - Ollie.

  12. Lenard Tejada. 

    While shooting for his first ad, Lenard took a number of super gnarly slams. He took 10 good slams and 2 days to make this hardflip rolling away under 5 tries on the second day.  

  13. Simon Rex - 5050,

    Simon gettin’ jiggy with it. Unscrewing a 10 metre table top and in the process almost smashing a brand new Mk1. Ending up getting this creative lil 5050 second try. 

  14. Lenard Tejada - Noseslide.

    Pizza and Noseslide.

  15. Mohi Paul - Kickflip,

    Auckland Viaduct, featured as this weeks Friday Photo on the MANUAL magazine website. Check it here!