1. Lenard Tejada - Noseslide.

    Pizza and Noseslide.

  2. Mohi Paul - Kickflip,

    Auckland Viaduct, featured as this weeks Friday Photo on the MANUAL magazine website. Check it here!

  3. Lenard Tejada - Shifty Ollie , 

    Chill skate in a car park waiting for the rain to pass.

  4. Lenard Tejada. 

    Golden hour. Always sick to be skating with this dude! One of the best, so excited to see what he does in the future!

  5. Cam King.

  6. These socks are beautiful , shout out to Polar for making dope stuff!

  7. Aidalz catching a free ride.

  8. Luke Hodges - Front rockin’ as the kids watch on.

  9. Lenard Tejada - Hardflip.

    Was lucky enough to shoot this photo of Lenard for a Bones Wheels ad published in MANUAL magazine issue #54. Shout out to Tom at Stepup for making it happen and to all the dudes at MANUAL for all their support. Cheers dudes!

  10. Brad Lakau - Back Tail

    Check Brads TTT here!

  11. Aidalz.

  12. Brad Lakau - Back 5050 in the sun.

  13. Simon Rex - Kicky.

  14. Sean Bone - Ollie,

    throw away photo.

  15. Tai Wepa - 5050.

    Featured on his TTT you can see here!